Ubaldo Bartolini (Montappone, Ascoli Piceno 1944)



Inspired by the Lorrainers and the greatest Flemish landscape painters (e.g. Van Ruysdael), Bartolini belongs to the leading artists whom based-on-representational-art painting technique will come together  with the “Anachronistic Movement”.

However, a thorough analysis of his paintings brings out a great influence deep-rooted more in Germany than in France. It shines the aims of the “metereological” painting of Friedrich, which Bartolini made richer in enamel and contrasts.

Actually, he diverges from the Corot silver fogs in favour of a careful and sharp Naturalism, appeased through a direct conscience hold of the Annibale Carracci and the seventieth century Central Italian painters’landscape results.

This “lofty quotation” – using the Calvesi’s words – follows the Recanati and his famous son and the Symbolistic Movement.

“Lightward” of 2002 reminds to Leon Spillaert. Moreover, “Crossing” of 1992 or “The Thought” of 1994 reveal a careful painter, worthy of the calmest but worrying Boecklin.



Matteo Gardonio





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