Carlo Maria Mariani (Roma 1931)



Mariani is the leading painter of the so-called “Anachronistic Movement”, born to face to an anarchist and shortfighter Avant-gardism, legitimized by Maurizio Calvesi between the 1970s and the 1980s. He draws his inspiration from Andrea Appiani and the neoclassicists in general. In 1973, his first strong-classical-authority one-man exhibition shocked the critics.

He proves himself a brave artist, whose overusing quotation relates to the Surrealism paradoxically. Infact, towards the end of the seventies, his painting results in a kind of awesomeness more “Magritte-inspired” than classical.

The aim of his recent works is an intellectual reclamation of the Neoclassicism, but in a contemporary meaning ( the Self-portrait of 2005).

Monument to poetry or The Imponderable of 1999 prove it: the former, enchances a perfect union between the Paolina Borghese of Canova and the David-inspired Anne Louis Girodet de Trioson; the latter, is directly related to De Chirico.




Matteo Gardonio





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