Stefano Di Stasio (Naples 1948)


Neapolitan by birth, but Roman naturalized, Stefano Di Stasio represents one of the most interesting face of the so-called Anachronistic Movement. Interviewed, he said he got near the representational language driven by a pure spirit of provocation, but very soon he began to consider it a real pictorical alternative. He thought of Naples as an inspiration source and a spot from where to draw a pictorical ductus: Francesco Solimena and Luca Giordano are in the air of his works like ghosts, with powerful plays of light and shade and clear luministic cuts. “The gulf captive” suffers an influence of it clearly.

He proved to recover a certain twentieth-century Italian painting selecting a powerful and volumetric human typology. (The evident reference to Funi is round the corner).

He took part in the 1984-1995 Biennal Exhibition of Modern Art in Venice and several other  Roman Quadrennial Exhibitions.




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